McTavish Super Stock Long
McTavish Super Stock Long

McTavish Super Stock Long

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Product Information

Just like the Super Stock cars of the 60s, the Super Stock Long is back to basics construction without any sacrifice to quality or performance. The Super Stock Long is available in one universal size; 9'5" x 23" x 3”. White on white aesthetic, 12mm durable ply stringer, clean freelap, wrapped in 6-8-6 cloth with a white finbox, leash loop and logo to match, made right here in Byron Bay. We recommend the Involvement Fin available at checkout.

Stock No: SS-L

Best For: All longboardable waves

Board Feel: Performance

Skill Level: Fun for anyone

Designer: Ben McTavish

Material: 12mm Ply

Finish: Matte

Dimensions: 9'5" x 23" x 3”


What is Super Stock?

After the washup, when all is said and done, stripped back to bare bones, the main reason we love making surfboards is to feed the beautiful and addictive yet pointless act of riding waves. 

We are and will always be on the coal face of high-quality surfboard making, and all the details that go with it; impeccable cut laps, deep rich colour tints, wet looking high polish finish, any stringer combo you can dream of, glass on fins, resin pins, etc…..

However, after working with Dad for 35 years, and possibly 100's of board builders, I’ve noticed when it comes to us board builders making our own personal boards, it’s generally a no-frills affair. A well-shaped board that is waterproof and goes unreal and a lot of the time made in one day; basic, simple, brass tacks type deal. Just the essentials, a good engine, good rocker, good glassing, good fins, and go surfing! 

Super Stock namesake derived from Dodge/ Plymouth early to late 60s drag race program. Stripped-back versions of the cars you could buy at the dealership, no paint, no rear seats, no heater, no a/c, fibreglass fenders, hoods and bumpers. Bare-bones, but still the essentials, huge engine, tough gearbox / diff, steering, and something you could call brakes. These cars slayed the drag strips for years. Built for one reason, to go racing.  

Yeah, a bit of a stretch making a correlation to surfboards, but the principle is very similar, well thought and proven designs, defleshed, to the essentials for wave riding.

All sounds simple. Well yes and no, it’s one thing making a de-spec board for yourself, it’s another to make them for customers of all different tastes and abilities. We absolutely poured over these designs. Dozens of protos, shuffled and dealt to all in the factory and team, we have so many great surfers at our fingertips under this roof, some longboard specific like Reed, Masa and Gab, mid-length hustlers, Mick, Tim and Millie, Tom, Nico, Alonzo and dr Nick on the sub 6’, and of course Jos, Taj, Wisp and Chon, all giving, robust, honest and critical feedback. And the result: a triune of boards in specific length, width and thickness, that are made in-house at Mctavish in Byron, from high-quality materials, high-quality board builders. Built for one purpose: to go surfing!

- Ben McTavish 


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