Unleash your adventurous spirit

Our Mission
Your Adventure

At Gowings Pacific Trader, our mission is to create and curate outdoor and adventure products that last the journey with you – so you can throw off the bowlines, test your limits and confidently explore this great world of ours.

Our Values

A brand built with wild people and places at its heart


For Pioneers & Adventurers

As lifelong adventurers, exploring the land, sea, and sky is in our blood.

Just like you, we’re never more at home than when we’re expanding our horizons – whether that’s sweating up a mountain summit for sunrise, paddling out for the biggest wave of the day, or diving into the open ocean to see what’s under the waves.

And we know that to live our most adventurous lives, we need gear that will support us every step, splash and sprint of the way.

That’s what Gowings Pacific Trader is all about. Bringing long-lasting, high-quality and sustainable products to pioneers and adventurers just like you – so nothing can get in the way of your next journey.

A legacy of Quality and Authenticity

We measure the success of our outdoor products by how well they enrich your adventure.

That means our products make it easier to get outside, solve a problem, streamline your experience, last the journey with you – and always make it that much more enjoyable.

It’s why we only partner with brands who genuinely love the outdoors as much as we do, and why we create and curate products with superior quality and durability in mind.

While you're forging ahead outdoors, we’re making strides in product selection and development – pairing cutting-edge technology with practical functionality – so you always have the gear to see you through.

Nature is our first priority

Gowings Pacific Trader is run for ocean people, by ocean people. The kind who choose surf over sleep-ins, think saltwater is the cure for everything, and know we don’t thrive unless our oceans do.

That’s why sustainability is at the heart of our business – it’s built into the way we work, the brands we partner with, the initiatives we support, and the goals we strive towards.

When you shop at Gowings, 1% of all sales (and 100% of all Gowings Whale Trust merchandise sales) goes to the Gowings Whale Trust.

It’s dedicated to protecting our oceans and marine life – through raising awareness, marine research, preservation and other crucial direct-action causes.

A Connected Community

From the vibrant coastal haven of Coffs Harbour that we call home, to our global network of outdoor enthusiasts, Gowings Pacific Trader is proud to be part of a community of everyday adventurers.

And we're passionate about empowering this community to connect with nature and each other, because everyone deserves access to the wonders of this world.

We truly believe that time outdoors is a gift that can help us heal and thrive, challenge and expand our limits, and
hone our sense of responsibility for the environment.

So, step outside, look towards the horizon,
and start your next adventure today. We’ll be behind you all the way.

 Our Story | Pushing boundaries in business for over 150 years

Fuelled by a pioneering spirit, the Gowing family opened our first namesake store in 1868 – and we’ve been pushing boundaries in business ever since.

From establishing our iconic Market Street store – once the tallest building in Sydney – to championing Aussie-made products and environmental initiatives, Gowings has created a legacy of quality, authenticity and unyielding appreciation for the great outdoors.

For more than 150 years, our journey has taken us over land, sea and sky, with one goal in mind – enriching lives with sustainable, functional and durable products made for adventure.

Gowings Headquarters relocated to the Coffs Coast in 2020 and the big-hearted coastal community is the perfect base for a brand with a love of the ocean and a uniquely Australian heritage.

In 2016, Gowings acquired Surf Hardware International and we’ve since relocated its global headquarters to Coffs Harbour and given it a new name – Gowings Pacific Trader. It launched as an online and retail store in December 2023.