"The department of creative, cutting-edge modernisation, systematic programmed​ urgency, simplification, on-shoring, collaboration, teamwork and development of useful things that solve real-world tangible problems" - John Gowing

We can help you create great products

Our team of designers has the knowledge to create and develop products and bring them to market. Nautilus lab is our innovation,testing and playground facility to accomplish that.


- Product testing and development.​

- Prototyping – 4 FormLABs®  3D printers​

- Light metal, timber and plastics fabrication.​

- Cycle testing devices for fins and fin systems​

- Traction test for leashes​

- Flex test for fins​

- Impact testing​

- Lateral force for plugs and fins.​

- Paint booth.​

- Quick moulding prototype in cast resin and silicone.​

- 3D Modelling


Thank you for your interest in submitting a new product or product idea to The Nautilus Lab for consideration. We are
always interested in seeing what’s new, innovative and potentially marketable by our company. We appreciate you including us as you
think about the potential methods to market for your product. Because we receive hundreds of submissions each year, we have a few
guidelines and policies that help to reduce potential misunderstandings, streamline the process and minimize the costs to each party.

Please do not include a non-disclosure agreement. As a policy, we do not sign such agreements. Because our Company receives
hundreds of new products and product ideas, some may be similar or even identical to others and to yours. We also have our own
product development team that is continuously in product development on their own that may be similar to yours or to others.

Any information that you wish to provide must be in writing. No employee of our company is authorized to receive an oral disclosure.
Also, please understand that the disclosure is not being made by you or received by us on a confidential basis and any rights that you
may assert against our company, or any of its officers, directors, or employees, in connection with the disclosure, are limited to those
rights which you now have, or which in the future you may obtain under the patent or copyright laws. Please understand that submitting
a product or idea to us does not constitute acceptance by SHI unless a formal decision has been made by the company and a written
agreement is signed with the submitting party acknowledging SHI’s acceptance.

When submitting product samples or images, please provide sufficient enough information for us to decide whether or not we should
contact you to take further steps. Include how the product is to be set-up and used, features and benefits, the target market user
buyer, estimated cost to produce and estimated selling price on the market. By providing comprehensive information, the reviewer can
accurately determine if your product or product idea fits within our product mix and channels to market. Upon receipt of your product or
product idea, we will attempt to evaluate it in a reasonable period of time, and advise you whether we have any interest in purchasing or
obtaining a license under your rights. We are not obligated, but we may advise you of our reasons for a lack of interest in your idea.
If we are interested, we will form a mutually acceptable agreement with you.

If the product or product idea is determined not to be a good fit for us, we will notify you. Please note, that due to the number of submissions we receive, your product submission my not be returned. If we are interested in taking further steps we will contact you,
usually within about 30 days.

If you are willing to make a disclosure to us on the above terms, please sign this letter, date it, and return it along with your submission.
Please include complete contact information with your submission including your name, mailing address, phone number and e-mail

Please send your product submission to:

Suite 3, Level 3, 35-61 Harbour Drive
Coffs Harbour, NSW
Australia, 2450
ATT: Product Development

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Contact us here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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