McTavish 5'7" Classic Fish
McTavish 5'7" Classic Fish
McTavish 5'7" Classic Fish

McTavish 5'7" Classic Fish

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Product Information

This beautiful 5'7" x 20 3/4" x 2 3/4" Classic Fish has it all, shaped by Ben Mctavish, it features a peach bottom and rail tint with cream pigment deck insert. 6x6x6oz lamination, black resin pinline, glass on keels and a sleek combo matte and polish finish.

Stock No: 41554

Best For: Anything up to head high

Board Feel: Fast and Loose

Skill Level: Can handle small packages

Designer: Ben McTavish

Material: 1/16" Cedar

Finish: Polish deck, Matte bottom and rails

Dimensions: 5'7" x 20 3/4" x 2 3/4"



We order blanks in bulk. Lots with model-specific stringers and rockers. Occasionally we kook it and order the wrong stringer/blank combo. There's nothing wrong with the blanks, they're just not suiting a particular model at the time. So we had five of these blanks sitting there with surfboards of some style laying dormant inside them.

Corey said, "Hey Mac, what do you wanna do with these things?" I run a tape over them, do the rocker line eye sweep. Flick through the mental filing cabinet, and with the intention to use as much of the foam as possible, all arrows were pointing to a classic-style fish. Wide, thick, chamfered deck rail, beak nose, deep swallowed fish. Something we would have done 15 or so years ago, before demand and the chase for new feelings refined this board to the more modern twin fish we have today. It's not necessarily a new model, just a small batch made out of up-cycling foam we already had lying around.

The flat deck and down rail blend like a dream. It's got a deep-cut swallow and beak nose with a tucked edge that runs to the nose. The bottom shape is flat to vee with two long base keels that sit atop a tapered channel that feeds the vee. All credit to Steve Lis, Skipper, etc. Hope we are doing some justice to the design - it sure does surf insane! There's so much built-in energy, and when you bank on that keel and use half of the swallow, the thrust is incredible, it balances the curvy/loose outline perfectly.

Nico, our laminator, got a hold of them and absolutely nailed the colour combos. Gorgeous rich tints garnished with Alonzo’s resin pin lines and glassed-on keels. These things look and go incredible!

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