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The essential list for serious (and not so serious) surfers

Written by: The Gowings Boys
The essential list for serious (and not so serious) surfers

Surfing provides one of life’s beautiful juxtapositions – a moment of tranquillity amid the chaos of a barreling wave. But if you’re still riding your dad’s old summer board from the seventies, then you’re missing out.

Whether you’re cruising Australia’s coastline in pursuit of the perfect break or at the stage in your surfing where standing up is enough of a challenge, the right equipment makes all the difference. 

Here are some essential picks for your next surfing odyssey, from the experts at FCS.

Praise the board

Choosing the right board is a question of skill, experience and conditions, and there are plenty of tweaks to make along the way. 

Removable fins are a good example. They provide an opportunity to fine-tune your surfing experience and surf in different conditions. And in a practical sense, they make it easier to store boards between beaches.

For instance, the FCS II Mick Fanning Tri Fin Set offers precision for surfers who like sharp cuts at the wave’s crest and wide sweeping turns in the face. The surfing legend’s signature fins perform particularly well around point breaks and reef breaks.

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Traction Pads

Traction pads are another piece of hardware to consider, both for newcomers seeking stability and experienced surfers pushing the limits. The FCS T-3 Eco Traction, for example, marries comfort and support with an eco-friendly design made from sugarcane-based bio-foam. 

And, if the idea of constantly chasing your board to shore doesn’t sound particularly appealing, a decent surfboard leash is another worthwhile investment. 

The FCS Freedom Helix Leash is a solid option for surfers of all abilities – even the best surfers in the world still wipeout. Strong, reliable, and almost weightless, this leash boasts clever features, including a silicon grip print to reduce slipping and a quick-release pull tab.

Kit for purpose 

Whether you’re paddling out in a flat surf or a heavy swell, reliable apparel is the key to an epic day.

FCS Classic Boardshorts feature a solid, no-fuss design that gets the essentials just right. These boardies boast a quality build that stands up to the rigours of wild conditions. They’re a comfortable fit with enough give and flexibility to let the wearer move freely. 

The water-resistant, breathable FCS Shelter All Weather Poncho makes the cold trek back to the car more bearable. The oversized design shields you from the elements while the terry-towelling inlay keeps you toasty warm. 

And, at the more advanced end of wearables, the FCS Pod x Sharkbanz offer peace of mind in the water. This stealthy, convenient shark-repellant product is designed with surfers in mind, fitting to the ankle discreetly. It uses a patented, magnetic shark-repellent technology that overwhelms the shark’s receptors with an unpleasant sensation.

Bag it up 

It’s easy to lose the enthusiasm of having the best surfing gear if it’s a nightmare to lug between surfs, but FCS boasts a range of baggage solutions that makes lugging your gear around simple. 

The Travel 2 All Purpose Surfboard Cover fits two boards easily, with a 10mm foam body and an extra 5mm nose padding for peace of mind. The folded multi-layered webbing handle fits the hand and resists twisting, perfect for situations where there’s a long walk from combi to beach. And the internal compression straps and separation sheets eliminate board movement, so you don’t have to worry about damage in transit. 

For those extra bits and pieces, the FCS Mission Generation II Backpack is a storage solution made for the modern nomad. Simple yet sophisticated, it’s equipped with Pacsafe’s anti-theft technology, for extra safety in airports, trains and public areas.

Endless adventure 

Surfing is one of life’s great joys, and it gets better with the right gear. 

Whether you’re a grommet finding your feet on the gentle swell of Byron Bay or an experienced surfer testing your mettle at Snapper, FCS hardware and accessories help you get the most out of Australia’s incredible surfing conditions.